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Try Out These Crafting and Quilting Ideas

Find inspiration and innovative quilting ideas from Cheryl’s Quilt Corner. Follow these designs as directed or add your own spin to create a fun decoration or special gift. Cheryl’s Quilt Corner carries top-quality fabrics and threads to help you create these designs and craft your own colorful quilts.

These creative favorites are great crafts to work on with children and grandchildren to pass along a traditional skill and spend time together. Follow the guides practiced in Cheryl’s quilting classes to create these whimsical favorites and more with ease, regardless of experience. Quilting is a great way to bring families together and create a legacy with heirloom quilts, baby blankets and other crafts to pass along for generations.

High quality materials, experienced instruction and patience are the foundations of every great craft and you can find them all at Cheryl’s Quilt Corner. Be sure to take a look through the rest of the site for help with designs, inspiration, or to find fabrics for sale in the store.

Moose Trio Wallhanging

Quilting Design Ideas
Trace around that little ones foot and hand or take them to your copier. The copier idea worked really well here as the Grandma of these three little boys helped by taking the boys to her copier and had them place their bare foot and hand separately on the copier — they thought it was really neat to watch the copier take a picture of their feet and hands, plus it didn’t tickle nor take several attempts to trace. Naturally, the oldest child determined the size of the blocks, in this case they are 12 1/2″ blocks. Hunter, age 4, is at the top, Carson, age 2, followed by baby Gage, age 4 months at the bottom. Amanda has plans to take her surprise wall quilt to a local embroidery professional to have the boys’ names added to each block in the same color as the little “moose” heads. I fused the moose to the background fabric, blanket stitched around them, painted the eyes and nostrils with acrylic paint, added 1/2″ sashing, and 3″ border. Since I was running out of time, the only quilting I did was to outline around the moose heads and SID on either side of the sashing. My initial idea was to embroidery “Merry” across the top and Christmoose” down one side border. Another idea we had at our last quilt party was to get a copy of the baby’s foot and hand they do at the hospital when they’re born, and continue this every birthday all through school — make a full-size quilt using all these copies and give it to that child when they graduate from high school. With this process you should have about 19 moose heads on your quilt, add a name block and you have a great size quilt with a history of just how much that child grew, even without a grow chart on the wall. I hope you enjoy this idea and have fun with it.

Jared’s Turkey Quilt

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In October, 1998, Jared, then age 5, and I designed and made his “Turkey Quilt”. We saw a tiny picture in a book that gave us the idea. We got a piece of paper to give us an idea of what we wanted the finished project to look like, traced his hand, searched through my stash for just the right fabrics, drew our designs on fusible webbing, cut and laid them out on our background until we came up with what we now call “Jared’s Turkey Quilt”. The sign beside the ice skating pond has his full name, month, and year created. We had so much fun making this little quilt and got to spend some very great quality time together. Occasionally I run across Jared’s paper drawing and it always brings a smile. This quilt hangs on the wall and always reminds me of the wonderful time we had creating this one-of-a-kind quilt. Everything was freeform cut except for the building which was fussy cut from a piece of fabric.
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